Amber Midthunder Nude Photos Released

Amber Midthunder nude

“Prey” star Amber Midthunder appears to show off her nude body in the recently released photos above.

Amber Midthunder sexy

With today being Columbus Day in the great Satan US of A, it is certainly fitting that we take a look at one of the native savages that he helped subjugate in Amber Midthunder… Who is an “Assiniboine” Indian (seriously)… Although after seeing these nude pics one would have expected her to be a member of the famed Semenhole tribe.

Regardless, it is clear that us righteous Muslims would have no reservations about Sharia stoning this Sioux slut… And there certainly will be no trail of tears when this firewater loving floozie gets sent to burn for all eternity in the Hellfire for her crimes against morality.

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