Krista Allen Nude Scenes From “The Haunted Sea” Remastered And Enhanced

Krista Allen nude

The video below features Krista Allen’s nude scenes from the 1997 film “The Haunted Sea” color-corrected and enhanced in high definition.

There is no denying that back in her heyday, Krista Allen was a halal sight to behold (the complete collection of her nude modeling photos can be seen here)… As she looked like Megan Fox, but with much bigger boobs and without the stupid tattoos and wigger jizz oozing out of her orifices.

Its just a shame that Krista didn’t capitalize on her good looks when she had the chance by submitting to Islam and joining a virile Muslim’s harem… Now she is almost certainly laying dead in a ditch somewhere… Or worse yet, degrading herself by selling autographs at some sort of D-list celebrity convention.

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