Elena Kampouris Nude Scenes From “Wifelike” In 4K

Elena Kampouris nude

The video below features Elena Kampouris’ nude scenes from the film “Wifelike” brightened and enhanced in ultra high definition.

This film should have been titled “Concubinelike”, for even though there is no denying that Elena’s plump round rump is nearly perfect… At 24-years-old she is well into her twilight years, and she would be lucky to produce even a paltry half dozen offspring at this point in her life.

However with that said, these scenes are perhaps the best nude debut to come out of heathen Hollywood this year… Thus making Elena a top contender for the coveted “Most Floggable Newcomer” at the 2022 Celeb Jihad Awards in Riyadh later this year.

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